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By Shafqaat Mehmood

(CISCO & Microsoft Master Trainer)

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Mentorship Program 2020 Overview

 Ezxprt | Learn at Home is offering Free CCNA online Training for the promotion of IT in Pakistan. CISCO CCNA is the first step to jump into a Network career.  Start your Career as a Network Engineer with this Free CCNA Training. Learn to design Network From scratch level to the advanced level. There is no prerequisite for CISCO CCNA certification. 


Course Outline

  • Fundamental of Network         
  • Categories of devices
  • CISCO Routers | Switches | Modules
  • Geographical division of network
  • Network Topologies
  • Types of Network Mediums
  •  What is medium?
  • Utilization of cable (packet Tracer Lab)
  • Network Problems
  • IEEE Standards
  • Network Communication and its Types and Modes
  • Measuring units
  • Number Systems
  • Lab:     Binary to Decimal conversion & Decimal to Binary Conversion
  • Addresses and their types
  • Physical Address 
  • Logical Address
  •  IPv4 Address
  •  IPV6 Address
  • OSI and TCP IP Model
  • Router Management
  •  Router Security
  • Routing
  • Routing Protocols
  • Configuration of Rip v1 & Rip v 2
  • Configuration of  EIGRP
  • OSPF theory with lab
  • ACL
  • NAT
  • Lab: deployment verification of NAT
  • Observe NAT process using debugging
  •  Switching
  • LAN Devices and their Behavior
  • VLAN
  • Types of Switch port modes
  • Intervlan
  • VTP     v1, v2, v3
  •  STP
  •  TFTP Server
  • DHCP Server 
  • Syslog Server
  • LABS  Configure Routers RAM to Store Local Logs
  •   NTP
  • EtherChannel
  • HSRP
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Multilayer Switching
  • LAN Security

What we Provide

Note: Following services are not the part of Mentorship Program. But are provided according to the student’s interest and requirement

CISCO NetAcad Program

CISCO NetAcad program is the best source of building an International community, add multiple CISCO certificates on your profile, getting a valid and comprehensive study material, and getting a discount voucher.


  1. Provide Interactive Learning Platform to students.
  2. Student can get CISCO Certificates and Recommendation Letters.
  3. Student can get discount voucher.
  4. Student can become the part of International IT society.
  5. Student can participate in Job Hunting Program.
  6.  Student can download CISCO Resources e.g. Software / Study Material. 

CISCO NetAcad Certificates

Rs: 4000/-  (Local Students  from Pakistan only)

50 US Dollar (Students other than Pakistan)

Training Completion Certificate

Rs: 1000/-  (Local students from Pakistan only)

10 US Dollar (Students other than Pakistan) 

Exam Preparation Material

We will provide Live CCNA Certification Support to our registered students. Exam material includes valid Q/A, Exam tips & tricks, PLUS Live support through Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp.  We also support Pakistani students in their Exam Booking.

It’s very easy for our students to get 900+ marks in CISCO CCNA Exam.

Package Detail

Recorded Training or Online Group Training

Rs: 10,000/-  (if students are inside from Pakistan)

100 US Dollar (if students are outside from Pakistan)

Customized Training (On-demand or One-to-One)