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CCNA Instructor-Led Training

About Training:

  • Total No of Classes: 24 (2 months)
  • Attend your class on laptop or mobile
  • Participation certificate will be provided
  • 80% Class Attendance is compulsory

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Rs: 6999/-  (if applying from inside Pakistan)

Rs: 9999/-(if applying from inside Pakistan)

USD 100 (if applying from outside Pakistan)

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Training Content:

  • Categories of devices
  • CISCO Routers |
  • Switches | Modules
  • Geographical division of network
  • Network Topologies
      • LAN Topologies
      • WAN Topologies
      • Wireless LAN Topologies
  • Types of Network Mediums
  • Utilization of cable (packet Tracer Lab)
  • Network Problems
  • IEEE Standards
  • Network Communication and its Types and Modes
  • Addresses and their types (IPv4 & IPv6)
  • OSI and TCP IP Model
  • Router Management
  • Router Security
  • Routing (Static | Dynamic)
  • Routing Protocols (Rip | EIGRP | OSPFv3)
  • ACL (Standard | Extended)
    NAT (Static | Dynamic | Nat Pat)
  • Introduction to switching
  • VLAN
  • Intervlan
  • VTP v1, v2, v3
  • Switch Security
  • STP | RSTP
  • TFTP Server
  • DHCP Server
  • Syslog Server
  • NTP
  • Wireless Technologies
  • WAN Technologies
  • EtherChannel (LACP | PAGP)
  • QoS

Training Class Policy

  • Class Days & Timings: Friday to Sunday @ 8 pm to 9 pm 
  •  Training will be conducted on zoom software. You can record your lecture on your computer
  • 80% class attendance is mandatory to apply for a Training certificate.
  • Ezxprt will share recording of live session once in Whatsapp group so its student responsibility to download and organize recordings.
  •  Spending 1 hour for self-study other than live session
  •   In case of any emergency or leave you must inform the administration so that we may arrange the backup lecture for you.

Fee Policy:

  • The enrollment fee is not refundable and adjustable.
  • There is no concession in fee but if you are deserving one than may apply for Student welfare support fund.

CISCO NetAcad Policy:

NetAcad is a CISCO Program and every student must follow CISCO Policies.

1)    Your name on CISCO Netacad Profile is the same as your CNIC. Before applying for a voucher verify your name on the profile. If the name is not the same so contact your academy for student support.

2)    Provide the email which is not enrolled in the training institution for getting the CISCO Discount voucher. You cannot qualify for the two discount voucher of the same Course on the same email

3)    For qualifying the voucher to get above 70% marks in the CISCO NetAcad Final exam of all modules.

4)    Complete your netacad assignments before the given date. For example, if your assignment’s last date is 15 of the month so you have to complete all requirements till the 12 of the month.

5)    After the successful completion of NetAcad, you will qualify for the discount voucher and you have to apply for it. 

6)   We provide complete support to our students but our support is not beyond CISCO Policies. Follow above all polices and qualify for a discount voucher

 Note: Above are Cisco policies for getting the Netacad benefits. If some students participated outside the parameters in the Membership Guide and therefore CISCO cannot reinstate certification vouchers. However, the guidelines exist to protect the sustainability of the CISCO Certification Exam Discount program.