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Course Description

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The course aim is to teach you introduction of cyber security as you may know there is interconnected of  world as easy target to different cyber attacks. You will learn how to protect yourself socially and personally along with you come to know about different software use in this purpose  Course Consist of 5 chapters and each chapter has its own study material, videos and labs

cisco         Length:   02 hours

 cisco         Learning Type: Self-Paced

What is included?

  Cisco NetAcad Program
  CISCO Cyber Security Certificate
  Training Participation Certificate
  Instructor-Led Training

Course Road-map:

Follow below mentioned step:

   Enroll in the course using registration form

  Check your given email and create account on Netacad 

  Attempt your netacad assignments using video (video given at the end of this page)

  After completion of assignments, you CISCO certificate will appear in your Account after 24 hours

  Get a date for live training and install required software in your mobile/ Laptop

  Join the live training and ask you queries.

What is CISCO Intro to CyberSecurity ?

Cyber Crimes are the world most dangerous threat. As you know world is connected with each other due to internet so its easy to gain access of any network. Now an individual and bigger International companies are on the target of Cyber criminals.  So its very important to protect ourselves on internet personally and socially.

You’ll learn these core skills

  • What is cyber security  and why the demand for cyber security professionals is growing faster

  • The techniques used by attackers to hack a system

  • Tips for protecting your personal devices and data by creating strong passwords and using wireless networks safely.
  • the technologies and best practices used to protect an organization’s network
  • Understand legal and ethical Issues in Cyber security

How to get CISCO Cyber Security?

Cyber security Training is self-paced training, you can study it by yourself at any time. If you have any question do share with us through WhatsApp/Sms. After successful completion of training we will provide training completion certificate.


Can we get certificate from CISCO?

Yes, we enroll you on the CISCO NetAcad Cyber Security module. You will attempt your assignments and after completion of the module CISCO will award you CISCO Certificate. 

How we can perform Cyber Security Assignments?

You can attempts assignments by following the video link given below.