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Learn at Home, the primary and therefore, the largest to be an academic online platform wherever students from across the world can be a part of and learn CISCO , Microsoft, Huawei and Vmware trainings. The biggest downside that Pakistan faces isn’t that students don’t need to be told, however, people who need to be told and people who need to show are long physical distances apart. People who need to be told are settled in each corner of Pakistan, whereas most of the most effective academics are targeted in massive cities or the foremost flourishing professionals’ settled overseas. These extremely learned professionals and academics, alike need to share their data and knowledge with the youth of the country. However, until now, no platform was bridging this gap. We have spent quite a year developing with an answer to the current downside. A diverse team of extremely passionate people from the sector of code development, machine learning and computer science has combined their forces with an extremely accomplished team of Business developers to form the foremost up, so far Learning Management System (LMS), capable of at the same time handling several students, thousands of instructors, and an infinite range of courses. During constant time once the code team was developing in house capabilities, the business development team has doled out the long and laborious task of distinguishing, contacting and persuading the most effective professionals of their fields to develop courses and guide the youth of the country. Willingness to be told has never been the matter of Pakistan. The challenge has been access to high-quality instructors for the plenty at a reasonable rate. Many academics and professionals are willing to share their data with the youth of the country, however, either they’re physically out of reach due to location or monetarily out of reach as a result of the institutes they’re related to with are too costly for an abject Pakistani. Another cohort, willing to share their data is the professionals who, at the epitome of their careers. They need to share their data, not for financial profit, however, to bring real modification within the skills and thinking of the youth of the country. However, their most well-liked technique of teaching is brief courses, due to the scarceness of your time Learn at Home can produce its original content below the close of “creating knowledge” whereas freelance courses would be offered by these professionals below the close of “share knowledge”.

Along with CISCO courses, the academy offers a wide range of other courses in the following domains:

  • Microsoft Certifications
  • MCSE
  • VMware Certification & Training Program 
  • Huawei certifications 
  • Cloud Computing

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

1000 +
Cisco Certified Candidates
MicroSoft Certified
Other Certifications

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CEO Learnathome

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Lead Instructor


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