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ZOOM Video Training in Urdu/Hindi

Course Description


Take your school, college and university courses online.

Qualify your Teachers how they can teach online?
Hello! Teachers grow qualified to teach your learners online.
As we discover that the entire world is confronting a terrifying lockdown circumstances, everyone is encountering a situation like house confinement. But in this state, the most significant loss is our forthcoming generation’ education. In this pandemic, all the school, colleges and other educational institute are closed. Parents and teachers are worried about the educational loss of their children.
Learn at home is offering online video-recorded training for small businesses, schools owners, principal and teaching faculty on how they can teach their learners online via zoom.
This Teachers training module will equip you the most advantageous of state-of-the-art technology and grow more skilled with the global competitive business to make yourself distinguished.

In this training module, you will learn how to conduct classes online.
• Which type of software you are required.
• How to manage an online class?
• How to share TLM (Teachers learning Material) with students.
• How to take question-answer session with online students